Solutions for the industrial sector

Rubber bands with anchor

A practical solution for attaching cables

The industrial sector needs inexpensive solutions for attaching cables in various
rooms – solutions that are easy to use, versatile and reusable for fixing cable

We currently manufacture rubber bands with anchors which we market around the
world in sectors connected to the motor industry.


  • Attaching cables in the motor industry
  • Attaching cable and electrical harnesses in various installations, installation
    works and alterations.
  • Grouping and organising tools in construction and DIY


  • An anchor-shaped head – quick to use and provides a sturdy hold
  • In natural rubber for use indoors and out
  • In synthetic rubber (EPDM) or silicone for bands exposed to the elements


  • 5kg bags in 20kg boxes

How to measure a rubber band ?

  • A : Longueur
  • B : Epaisseur
  • C : Largeur

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