Farming solutions

Anchored bracelets for use indoors and out

The best choice for attaching plants

We designed our anchored rubber band specifically as a solution for the agriculture
sector: its elasticity adapts to the plant as it grows.
Its ease of adjustment and great resistance to bad weather makes it perfect for
attaching fruits or ornamental trees.
This tethering system enables the plant to grow without being strangled.


  • Made out of synthetic rubber of a high quality, it has all the properties needed
    to cope with atmospheric factors: It is highly resistant to exposure to the sun,
    the ozone and extreme temperatures.
  • The elasticity of the rubber enables the plant to grow without being strangled.
  • Easy to install, its anchor-shaped hook is ideal for fixing in place. It can also
    cope with weighty fruit and strong winds.
  • Because it is so easy to adjust, you save time compared to other cordoning
    techniques such as using string or raffia.
  • Reusable and recyclable

Changements thermiques /
protection UV

Réutilisable / grand

Facile à appliquer

Fermeté /

Sizes and packaging

  • Sizes in mm: 30×4 – 50×4 – 60×4 – 80×4 – 100×4 – 120×5 – 150×5 – 180×6
  • Packaging: 5kg pouches
  • Other sizes to order

How to measure a rubber band?

  • A : Length
  • B : Thickness
  • C : Width

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